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Soundclash: The Musical Challenge Show! Brought to you by the team at South Wales ONE. Every week, we pick a new topic - it might be broad, it might be narrow, it might be complicated, a lot of the time it’s downright weird. Whatever we pick, our presenters then play five songs head to head to see which of them has the superior musical taste! It’s a musical chess match, a fencing match stuck in a jukebox, and Russian roulette with a playlist all mixed into one. Expect a lot of banter, quite a bite of cheating, plus an eclectic mix of guests and topics, all set to a great soundtrack. If you’re listening live or shortly after the podcast is released, you can vote for your favourite tracks at Alternatively, if you’re plumbing the depths of our archive, just let us know what you think at @southwalesone or via our website

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Saturday Apr 02, 2022

It's time for another #SoundclashChallenge and this week it's the very lovely Stacey from Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour. Challenging us to a theme of food and drink causes the ever-hungry baby Lola-Daisy to magically appear in the studio.  Offering her unique brand of feedback to this week's songs...

Monday Mar 28, 2022

Ahhhh Motown Week. There is no better episode to wet your #Soundclash appetite on than the one that led to #WikipediaGate! If you like Motown music you're going to love this episode.  If you like music pretending to be Motown music then this episode is also for you! Originally aired March 2021.

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